FIP Commercial Vehicle Restrictions

From time to time, the Master HOA Board of Directors is asked to interpret and/or provide clarification regarding information contained in the Covenants, Restrictions and Easements (CR&E) document. Although the contents of Article VIII, Section 1, subparagraph (p) of the CR&Es has been deemed sufficient when addressing the overnight parking of commercial vehicles on a residential property, some questions have arisen regarding what actually constitutes a “commercial vehicle”, a vehicle used by a given company during the performance of their business. The following has been developed to assist residents in complying with the restrictions imposed on this vehicle type and avoiding the receipt of violation letters and the imposing of fines. If you have a question regarding these definitions, you are encouraged to attend a monthly MHOA meeting and present your position during the open forum agenda item. Take note; these restrictions apply to all neighborhoods within Fleming Island Plantation, including those with a sub-association HOA (e.g. Amberwood, Autumn Glen, Fairway Village, Lake Ridge North/South, Margaret’s Walk, and River Hills Reserve).

Simply stated, “Commercial Vehicle” describes a vehicle of every kind whatsoever, which from viewing the exterior of the vehicle or any portion thereof, shows or tends to show any commercial markings, signs, displays, equipment or otherwise indicates a commercial use. The Board shall have the final authority in determining the acceptability of any vehicle. Examples of commercial vehicles include but are not limited to:

Vehicles exhibiting

  • Product or company advertising
  • Business signs affixed to window or body of vehicle
  • Aftermarket accessories advertising a product or company logo

Painted or wrapped vehicles advertising product or company

Vehicles with aftermarket accessories exhibiting in plain view the storage of tools/equipment such as construction equipment and bulk materials, tools, or ladders.

Vehicles with

  • Racks for conduit or pipe
  • Permanently mounted generators, fuel pumps, tanks, welding machines
  • Tools stored above the level of the bed, stacked above the level of the bed, or attached to an accessory
  • Ladder racks

Vehicles for hire for the transportation of persons or goods such as:

  • Taxi cabs
  • Buses (public and school)
  • Limousines
  • Trucks with more than six (6) wheels
  • Panel trucks

Owners possessing vehicles falling under the commercial vehicle definitions listed above must park such vehicles inside their garages, in an enclosed, screened area approved by the Association, or at an offsite storage facility.

Examples of vehicles not considered commercial vehicles include but are not limited to:

  • Sports team or school logos on family passenger vehicles
  • Stickers, placards, etc., that are available for purchase and display by the general public (e.g. a Harley-Davidson sticker).
  • Temporary use automobile dealer courtesy cars
  • Truck tool boxes with lids or doors closed which are mounted down the sides or across the bed
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